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Finding the Best Senior Living in Beautiful Phoenix AZ

Finding the Best Independent Senior Living in Beautiful Phoenix AZ

As we age, the need to keep up with the home front, transport and social amenities or simply companionship, may compel us to re-think and revise our living arrangements. This is where Independent Senior Living communities or retirement communities in Phoenix AZ come into the picture. Independent senior living communities are housing arrangements which are exclusively designed for older people, generally 55 years or above who is physically and mentally able to live singly without requiring assistance or skilled nursing with their day-to-day activities.

Amenities offered in Independent Living Communities

Senior living communities in Phoenix AZ offer independent living facilities to its residents and offer activities, amenities and services. Many facilities also have recreational centers of clubhouses which give the elderly people to connect with their peers and actively participate in various community activities such as gatherings, arts and crafts, education classes and movie screenings. Some communities of independent living in Phoenix AZ may also have fitness center, swimming pool, tennis courts or even a golf course. Spa, barber and beauty salons, basic housekeeping services and daily meals are other amenities which are offered in these communities for seniors.

Independent Senior Living vs Assisted Living

Though most of the amenities and services for seniors living in Phoenix are taken care of in the retirement communities, these do not offer health care or assist in activities of daily living such as bathing, medication, dressing, eating and toilet needs to name a few. Residents are allowed to opt for third-party health care services to meet any of their additional needs. This is where independent living residents differ from residents in assisted living in Phoenix AZ who require help and assistance with daily activities including eating, dressing, bathing, medication and toileting. Park Terrace offers both Independent Senior Living and Assisted Living Services.

Types of Independent Senior Living

There are different types of arrangements for senior living in Phoenix.

  • Senior Apartments is the most common type of independent living. Senior living apartments in Phoenix AZ includes meals service, transportation and recreational programs in the services.
  • Housing Units offer duplexes, mobile homes, single-family homes, condominiums or cottages and residents have the option to either rent or buy.
  • Continuing Care provide their residents to different levels of care as needed, moving between independent living communities or assisted living and skilled nursing.
  • Subsidized Housings are communities provided to low-income seniors by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
Posted by Park Terrace on 6/12/2016 11:38:14 AM