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Park Terrace Senior Living News & Views

What Makes a Great Senior Living Community?

The decision to relocate to a senior living community may arise due to various reasons -

  • one might want a lifestyle change,
  • one is unable to bear the burden of looking after and maintaining a house alone or
  • one might even be having a medical condition and needs assistance.

For such reasons, shifting to such a community turns out to be the better decision. In a conference in 2013, Hollaren Consulting LLC stated that 89.3% of the senior living residents rated their satisfaction as either good or excellent, while 84.5% said that they would not hesitate in recommending their community to others, which was the outcome of a survey conducted by them.

But, before going out in search of housing options the current needs and how those needs might evolve with time in the future, are to be assessed.

Home Maintenance

If a senior is residing alone, maintenance and repair work of the house may become cumbersome and expensive. The senior may also be facing difficulty with carrying out daily chores and household activities. Relocating to a senior living facility would be the best option where all these will be taken care of without having to worry about either maintenance nor the expenses.

Physical and Medical Needs

With age, one might be unable to perform the activities of daily living without assistance. Shopping, showering, eating, taking medication and dressing, may become difficult with age or because of a medical ailment. This inability to perform tasks may even be the outcome of a sudden condition such as a stroke or a heart attack or may be a gradually deteriorating condition like Alzheimer’s calling for the need of special care which can easily be found in the senior living communities in Phoenix AZ.

Social and Emotional Needs

As the years go by, near and dear ones move away and friends are no longer close by. Added to these is the fact that one may not be in a condition to either drive or take a public transport for moving around. Living in one of the retirement communities in Phoenix AZ, helps to avoid getting isolated from society and also takes care of transportation and moving problems.

Park Terrace, a popular community for independent living here in Phoenix AZ, is an amazing place located on seventeen acres of lush greenery. Restaurants, movie theaters and a host of popular sites near our facility for senior living in Phoenix make it an ideal place for your loved one. Our amenities, services, personalized care and senior living apartments in Phoenix AZ give our residents the opportunity to live life to the fullest in a homely environment.

Posted by Park Terrace on 11/20/2016